Action Art School

Karen Walker

Karen Walker is a local Old Greenwich Artist and musician. She has been painting and drawing since she was three years old.

Karen has been taking art classes throughout her life.

Karen is also the daughter of an art gallery owner and musician, and had spent much of her childhood being inspired by the many artists she came in contact with through her dad's art gallery.

Karen was part of the Greenwich High Honors Art program. She has had art displayed in several art shows around town.

She has a great passion for all kinds of art, and she is an accomplished musician . She has been playing piano for over 15 years, and continues to explore all kinds of music and art. Karen loves working with kids, who love her upbeat attitude for all her art classes.

About Our Teachers

Jacqui Zimmerman

Jacqui, and her husband Rick, are the owners of Action Art School, Action Arts Photography, and Old Greenwich Karate.
Jacqui’s art education includes Art History, Antiques, plus she earned a degree in Design. Her career took a turn when she met  Rick in 1975. Rick had just started his photography studio in Old Greenwich in 1972 (Action Arts Photography); and so Jacqui helped Rick run the retail aspect of the business, plus became known for her beautiful scenic art photography.
To keep up with her art, Jacqui continues to take seminars and workshops in watercolor, chalk pastels, oil and tole painting. She also taught ceramics out of her home, to both kids and adults. 
Loving to teach kids art, Jacqui enjoys sharing her knowledge and love of art with her young students.