Action Art School

Come and learn all about art, from painting on canvas, to watercolor scenes and clay. 

They learn warm and cool colors, canvas, collage, paper mache, water color and more.

​Join us for the best time ever!

Fun Fridays 


Colorful Palette and Creative Creations!

Tuesday 4:30-5:30

Thursdays 4:15-5:15


Saturday 11:00-12:15

We teach about the color wheel and mixing colors, primary and complementary colors plus tints and shades, warm and cool colors, and more. 

Each week we have a subject such as farm animals. With animals we go over their biggest feature.  We show many samples and examples so kids have an idea to get their imaginations going. They use their imagination to draw and create their art.

We mostly paint on stretched canvas. We paint a watercolor (which we frame) and create a collage (painting with scissors). One week we do a creation using one color wheel lesson like complementary colors (a purple flowers with yellow).  We study one artist and cultural art (or holiday) in each session. We do small crafts, 

We let kids create freely, so no cookie cutter art. We do stick to one subject or lesson.  We start at age 4 1/2 but will add a preschool on Fridays at 2:15 in the next few weeks. Wednesdays starts at age 6/7.

In this class young artists will learn about mixing colors. They will create beautiful painting on canvas, paint a watercolor, make wooden animals, will work with oil pastels, colored pencils, sharpies, clay, tempura and acrylic paints. 

In each 8 week session, they will how to create art in the style of:

  • a famous artist
  • cultural art (or holiday art/craft)
  • landscape
  • what makes an animal unique

and more!

They will be provided with a Portfolio to hold their masterpieces .

Karen's Creations

​Wednesday 4-5:15

This is a great class for siblings to create together. 

In each class young artists learn about famous artists and create masterpieces in the style of the artist using the same color palette (Picasso's Bridge, Van Gogh's Sunflower for example).

They will learn about art from other cultures to create their own cultural art, such as Australian Aboriginal Animal painted using dots as did the Aboriginal artists.

This class will be great fun and educational too!

​Most art will be painted on canvas.

Kids will learn by doing a  variety of art projects while learning elements of each art.

This session will include  many unusual  projects, including canvas, watercolor, stained glass, collage, paper mache, wooden sculptures, and paper mache Mexican Oxance style animals.

Little Picasso's preschool

ages 3&1/2-5

​Fridays 3-3:45

Young artists learn the basics of art, will paint on canvas, paint with watercolor, work with clay, and do a collage.