We will study an artist and/or a culture within each session and create masterpieces in that style.


Jacqui  Zimmerman  teaches fun art classes  to kids, plus runs awesome camps & Parties. Whether your child is the next Picasso or just loves art, we are the premiere art school for you.

Kids learn while doing

Kid's Art Classes,Kid's Camps, and Kid's Parties

 Art & Lego Camps, Preschool Art Classes, Kid's Parties

no "cookie cutter" art

We are not a cookie cutter art school. All our paintings done by children are genuine and original, never pre drawn.

Fun art classes for kids. Kids will draw out their ideas based on that week’s subject, then they will paint their sketch using their own imagination. Different mediums will be utilized through out the session, including canvas, watercolor, or a collage.

Art Classes for Kids